"A film that’s not only absorbing but also essential.  Immense and intimate, this movie can only inspire’"

The Wrap

“Truly up-close-and-personal.  To say that Barker gained unprecedented access is an understatement.”

– Filmmaker Magazine

“Uncommonly intimate.  One of the 10 best films to see in January.”

– Rolling Stone

“Compelling, irresistible - The Final Year proves deeply moving.”

– The Hollywood Reporter

"…involving, deftly assembled, ‘you-are-there’ journey."

– LA Times



"Homegrown, Greg Barker’s new documentary on jihadist terrorism in the United States, beginning on HBO on Monday night, is a thoughtful, multidimensional exploration of a subject that often provokes hysteria.
"Carefully constructed and often quite moving, it is a timely antidote to the posturing that has passed for discussion of terrorism in the presidential primary campaign. It introduces rounded, surprising characters both from Muslim families who have seen relatives imprisoned for carrying out or contemplating violence, and from the ranks of the counterterrorism professionals who pursued the cases."

– The New York Times

manhunt: The inside story of the hunt for osama bin laden

"As it tells the story of the sisterhood and Alec Station, “Manhunt” also presents an evenhanded, sometimes powerful conversation about subjects like torture, targeted killings and the roots of terrorism…If as many people saw “Manhunt” as saw “Zero Dark Thirty" it would be a small step in the right direction."

– The New York Times


Koran by Heart

“Koran by Heart” simultaneously embraces and subverts a familiar documentary genre…In Mr. Barker’s supple, subtle hands, the contest provides a means of exploring the tension within Islam between the kind of fundamentalism typified by rote, literalist instruction and the modernity outside the madrasa’s door.

– The New York Times


"Barker turns his biopic into a thriller…Barker creates riveting cinema. [He] takes structural chances, eschewing the predictable for a more unorthodox film and it works."

– Variety

"Sergio" is two movies, one that you expect and one that you don't, and that potent combination makes this a documentary of exceptional power."



Ghosts of Rwanda

'''Ghosts of Rwanda'' eventually compels its participants to confront their failure. And they oblige.

– THe New York Times