I didn't set out to make a "trilogy," but looking back that's exactly what I've done.  These three HBO films unpack America's war against terror and its human consequences.  

 HOMEGROWN: The Counter-Terror Dilemma

This is my most recent film, presented on HBO in February 2016, and it began with a question: should we be afraid of terrorism here in the US, and if so what should our government do about it?  This led to a three year journey that led down many unexpected avenues.  It's streaming on HBO GO and HBO NOW.


MANHUNT: The Inside Story of the Hunt for Osama bin Laden                                    

The untold story of CIA's 20-year hunt for bin Laden.  I had the idea for the film the night he was killed, and the film did very well - we premiered at Sundance and after the HBO premiere won the PrimeTime Emmy.  Lots of people loved it, some didn't, but that's how it goes and it was a great, eye-opening experience throughout.  It's on HBO GO/NOW.


KORAN BY HEART                                

It's a spelling bee for kids who've memorized the Koran by heart.  And yet it's so much more.  This film was great fun to make, and the compelling stories of three amazing 10-years transcend religion and cultures.  Check it out on HBO GO/NOW and there are usually unauthorized copies floating around on YouTube.